Sonnet 7


Wreck my life oh friendly God, and steal
My heart from me so thou can be my Lord.
And Savior I will hail you King in zeal,
If you have captured me by fire and sword.
But be thee gentle and reserved to me;
Remember all your tender mercies show,
For thy just judgement is no secrecy;
I’ve seen your hand deliver raging blow.
Oh ravenous God, rape my heart and save
Me; salvage, pilfer, pave my very way,
So that I may conform now to your grave,
And die to self, my very life to lay.
For in my death, my life Thou wilt be:
Lord, Savior, God, Almighty, Deity.

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Hibbs is an ordinary man on the pursuit of freedom - from evil, from tyranny, from the mundane, and from neckties.


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