Sonnet 6


Oh gentle heart, oh love, where art thou now?
What place in Cupid’s realm doth entertain
You to no end by tainted darts? Oh how
Did perfect love turn to this faithless stain?
For love is kind, extends a thousand miles
To mend two hearts, two worlds fused into one.
This is my muse: I find it tricks and trials,
And makes me juggle a few worlds or none.
This is no love if faithless my heart is,
And changes by tendencies so inconsistent,
That I veer merely for a gentle kiss,
From worlds I’ve right to worlds I wish to rent.
Oh lovers beware my heart ‘til I can say,
I love you true and faithfully I’ll stay.

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Hibbs is an ordinary man on the pursuit of freedom - from evil, from tyranny, from the mundane, and from neckties.


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