Sonnet 4


I know not whether to embrace my love

Or whether to push her, somewhere, away-

Asunder to lands thunderous above,

Where lightning crashes cling to cold dreams sway.

Or would I be in err, save heaven’s throne-

Where in my loyalty lies far before,

And coils much tighter mend in spirit’s own-

With her depart though her I should adore?

This love a test, God-breathed appointed prove

To judge my steadfast, rightly jealous heart?

I like it not. I love her but will move

If God, He wished, with her I would apart.

For kings with queens, in love, their rule fulfill;

God grant me this, or let my heart be still.

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Hibbs is an ordinary man on the pursuit of freedom - from evil, from tyranny, from the mundane, and from neckties.


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