Michael Vick Mistakes Tom Brady for Jesus


After Sunday’s miraculous 21 point, 4th quarter comeback against the Giants, Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick attributed his success to Jesus.  In his on-the-field post-game interview, Vick said, “I saw Jesus on the jumbotron, and it was then that I realized I could lead my team to victory.”

Teammate DeSean Jackson, who was standing next to Vick during the interview, dancing around holding up seven fingers, suddenly stopped when he heard Vick’s remark.  “Whatchya talkin’ about?” interrupted Jackson.  “You see Jesus?”

“Yeah man, you know,” Vick said turning to his teammate.  I see him on the video right before the fourth quarter.”

DeSean Jackson, who scored the winning touchdown and provided typical DeSean Jackson drama in the process, laughed at Vick.  “You mean when they were showing highlights of some play’as?  Man, that wasn’t Jesus, that was Tom Brady.”  Jackson was so amused he kept running around the field laughing and was unavailable for further comments.

Tom Brady sporting the Jesus look and performing miracles on the field

When asked about his comments during the press conference interview, Vick was visibly embarrassed by his mistake, “Man, I don’t know.  I could have
sworn I saw Jesus.  How was I supposed to know that was Tom Brady?  I’m so used to seeing players with their helmets on.  When did the dude grow that long hair and go all GQ?  I thought this was football.”

Coach Andy Reid after the game looked comical, as he tried to hold back his jolly chuckles.  “Mistaking Tom Brady as Jesus, that’s a new one for me.  Maybe I’ll give Mel Gibson a call and tell him I’ve got the perfect actor for his next film about the Savior.”

When Andy Reid was asked how long can Vick maintain this success, Reid commented, “Who knows?  Maybe from now on we’ll show pictures of Jesus when Vick is in the pocket.  If a picture of Tom Brady motivated him to lead a 21-point comeback, who knows what an actual picture of Jesus will motivate him to do.”

Giants’ Coach Coughlin unleashed fury on his punter Matt Dodge for the blunder that cost the Giants the game.

Giants’ Coach Tom Coughlin was not in the mood to banter about Vick’s mistake.  Still irritated the Giants’ punter Matt Dodge kicked the ball right to DeSean Jackson in the closing seconds of the game.  “Some people mistake me for Betty White.  It doesn’t mean I kick the ball to their best player.”

Michael Vick has been the surprise player among the Eagles and perhaps the entire NFL.  After returning from prison last season, he served as the backup quarterback to Donovan McNabb with little success.  This season, after McNabb went to the Redskins, Vick stole the starting QB position from Kevin Kolb.  Since then, he has scored 28 touchdowns in only 10 games (4 in Sunday’s game against the Giants), has 616 rushing yards, and only 5 interceptions.  Vick is third this season among NFL quarterbacks with a 103.6 passer rating.

This article is a parody and not meant to be taken seriously.


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