Leave Me the Heck Alone


A poem/faux children’s book, dedicated to the men and women who suffer for the incompetence of our governing leaders, their partisan tactics, and their inability to balance budgets which furloughs hard-working Americans.

The amber waves of grain are rolling,
the tractors hum with harvest’s tone.
Oh crap, here come the meddling suits in limos.
You know nothing of what I do. Leave me alone!

A land of opportunity awaits on these shores
‘til the day others call on our loan;
If I spent so wild like the bureaucrats,
could I expect them to leave me alone?

A land of miracles in medicine
from doctors who work to the bone.
You’re offering healthcare not suitable for you?
What good you screw up! Just leave it alone!

It’s nine o’clock and all is quiet,
until the home is stirred by the phone.
Why doesn’t “Do not call” apply to campaigns?
Shut up robocall! You woke up my kids. Now, leave us alone!

It’s election day and democracy abounds,
though the voting line with echoes groan;
Hey wealthy fat cats, you can have my vote…
As soon as you tell me which one of you clowns will leave me alone.

“Give me your poor and tired,” Lady Liberty sings,
though the legislators sound a different tone:
“Don’t bother coming here unless you’re rich.”
No opportunity they’ll ever leave alone.

Our heroes in uniform leave for their post
with spouses and children being left on their own;
What precious moments and blood sacrificed
for black gold in countries you couldn’t leave alone.

“Extra! Extra!” the media shouts,
“See what corruption surrounds the throne!”
They better watch out with this administration –
Not even free speech they’ll ever leave alone.

The purple skies with sunset glisten,
above the clouds, a sparkle… a drone?
another way to trick blind Lady Justice.
What the heck? Just leave people alone!

The tourist season comes full swing,
as curious travelers tend to roam.
For security reasons you’ll fondle me?
Yo Big Bro! Don’t touch my junk! Leave me alone!

The smell of gunpowder and freedom fill the air,
yet for cruel bloodshed one must atone.
Criminals go free though guns must pay.
What part of the Constitution won’t you leave alone?

The working class heads off to live the dream,
in offices across this Nation grown.
By dusk and market crash they’ll soon be furloughed;
Your partisan politics never leave us alone.

And yet our Capitol stands with splendor,
erected from blood, sweat, ideals, and stone;
But these government leaders have yet to learn
the anthem we sing is “leave me the heck alone!”


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