Benediction: You Have a King…


You have a King. You have a King better than any king. You are a citizen of a Kingdom better than any nation in this world. Your bill of rights begins with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of a holy and awesome God because He pursues after you. You have the right to speak with the authority of the King, to bear arms and fight against the devil, to be a new creation and a living sacrifice.

So brothers and sisters live as citizens of God’s Kingdom, knowing that your King is victorious, reigning on His throne, and fighting with you like the most ferocious lion and speaking softly to you like the gentlest of lambs.

And walk, and drive, and think, and talk, and live like you are surrounded by the Holy Spirit who is living in, and through, and all around you.  For we are surrounded by the everlasting glory of God Most High and that changes everything.  Amen.


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