Benediction: There is a storm brewing


There is a storm brewing around us- natural disasters, sickness and wars. But greater than the storm, there is a fire in our hearts, a warrior in our camp, a peacemaker in our midst, a Redeemer and a King. There is a revival about us- healing, redeeming, and the flourishing of the Gospel. While many trod on the truths of Scripture, swarms of people are turning to the Lord. But we will only see it if we choose to see what God sees. Some will see the wind and waves and they’ll sink in despair. Some will see our Lord and walk confidently knowing that Greater is He that is in you than him who is in the world. Brothers and sisters your hearts and lives have changed. ¬†Therefore, live, and see, and breathe, and speak the Gospel- the living water that is welling up inside of you. Within you is the power to calm the storm and bring healing to the broken lives in this land. You are set apart. You are set apart as a Temple of the Most High God and a throne for the King of kings. Live by letting Him live in and through you today and tomorrow and forevermore!


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